Metal Steel Fabrication

UITECH can manage projects of any size as a one-stop shop since we have in-house engineering design, custom fabrication knowledge, and on-hand steel inventories.

In order to further regulate the process and secure optimal scheduling for the finished product, our fabrication facilities maintain close working relationships with nearby galvanizing and painting plants.

From basic angles to medium roof top ballast to high end tall towers, including self supported and monopole towers, we offer a wide range of manufacturing possibilities. Our facilities offer the ability to mill, turn, punch, shear, shape, and cut with a laser. Every tower or component we provide complies with S37 tower requirements.

Proud member of the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB), specializing in GMAW/MIG and GTAW/TIG welding. We have CSA Standard W47.1 for stainless and carbon steel fusion welding and Standard W47.2 for aluminium fusion welding certifications.

We can make small run, precise products with tight tolerances in large quantities thanks to our 20+ CNC machines. Our expert machinists can turn and mill items out of a variety of metal materials utilizing our 3, 4, and 5-axis CNC machining centers. Because we have machinists and technicians on staff, we can produce part assemblies for bigger works without incurring the time or expense of subcontracting parts to a different vendor.

Our product supply as follows: 

  • Foundation interfaces: An alternative approach that is more affordable
  • Monopoles: internal or exterior flange, 18″-72″ OD
  • Tri-poles
  • Pre-Built Custom Towers
  • Cellular on Wheels (COW) and portable towers
  • Light-duty self-support towers (LDSS)
  • Self-supporting towers with three legs are offered with solid round, angled, or tubular legs.
  • Self-supporting towers with four legs are able to hold cupolas or other similar structures (such as an observation station for forestry uses).
  • Knockdown and all-weld man towers
  • Antenna towers
  • Non-penetrating rooftop mounts, or NPRM
  • Antenna supports
  • For all antenna mounting requirements, custom construction
  • Tower-strengthening components
  • Runway antenna and illumination at airports
  • Systemic mounting hardware for towers
  • Shelter construction and design

Our fabrication facilities are located in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario to provide prompt delivery to customers across Canada. This enables UITECH to make sure that the fabrication is completed on schedule and at a price that is reasonable.