NSB (New Site Build)

Depending on the situation, our delivery teams are driven, goal-oriented, and committed to delivering the highest standard. Around 200 new construction projects, including self-supporting, monopole and monopine, guyed wire, and rooftop towers, have been successfully completed by our team across Canada. We take pleasure in our ability to deliver results and address difficulties quickly. For customers who are looking to install their networks in this constantly evolving technological landscape, UITECH is dependable, adaptable, and agile. From the beginning to the end of the project, including the transfer of deficiency-free and clean sites to the customers, we are offering a full life cycle of project management for new tower builds. In order to underline that we are primarily focused on a client-centric strategy and appreciate the voice of the consumer, we solicit input from the customer continuously from the beginning to the end of every development.

Services Offered:

  • Locating public and private utilities.
  • Excavation
  • Foundation construction for a tower and a shelter.
  • Cabinet work
  • Work of Compound and Fence
  • Electrical task
  • Building a tower
  • Installation and supply of cable trays.
  • Antenna deployment and steel mounting.
  • Installation and troubleshooting of radios.
  • Installation of MW for the main and tie sites.
  • CISCO cutover
  • Installation of a safety rail and climbing ladder.
  • Coaxial cable and trunks are routed from the tower to the shelter.
  • All equipment is grounded in accordance with customer standards.
  • Site integration
  • Hand over the customer’s deficiency-free site.
  • Package submission for closeout.