Wireline Capabilities


  • The wireline division of UITECH has been in operation for more than ten years. For clients like Telus and Shaw, our earliest initiatives involved building last mile fiber.
  • For our clients in Ontario, Alberta, and BC, our wireline services have expanded significantly since our inception and currently encompass engineering/design, architectural fiber constructions, backhaul, and FTTx.
  • Full complete projects with the fiber transport built alongside the wireless sites are among our most recent successes.
  • The entire UITECH workforce is well-trained and has a wealth of experience. Fiber placers, fiber splicers, technicians, lineman, and equipment operators make up our internal staff.
  • Our current stock of wireline assets can be quickly deployed on any upcoming project or restoration endeavor.
  • We are eager to keep growing and investing in our fiber business in order to support you in achieving your corporate goals.

Wireline Services

  • Complete comprehensive business solutions, including street level coverage, inside plant, customer premises, and last mile connectivity
  • Copper and plant fiber installation (in the air and subsurface)
  • Infrastructure and tools for local and long-distance loops
  • Traffic Management / Traffic Control
  • Daylighting
  • Splicing in fusion
  • Repairing the duct infrastructure for the underground cable
  • Rodding and surveying of the outside
  • Systems for manholes and conduits and optical ground wire
  • Interior riser management services and riser cabling
  • Transport in Free-Space
  • Delivery of fiber to any demarcation point; FTTH, FTTB, FTTC, and FTTx
  • OTDR evaluation and approval
  • Troubleshooting
  • Access for bucket trucks
  • Digging with a Hydrovac
  • Services for confined spaces
  • Urgent service call and repair 24X7

Assets & Capabilities

Assets & Capabilities
  • From one of our three office sites in Vancouver, Edmonton, or Toronto, wireline projects are managed.
  • Our projects are planned, carried out, and closed using the PMBOK technique.
  • All UITECH projects are conducted with the utmost care thanks to our National Health and Safety Program, which is based on the CoR, and our committed Health and Safety Officer.
  • Bucket trucks, splicing vans, manhole access kits, gas meters, and lashers are some of our wireline equipment. Through our committed partners, we can provide hydrovacs, trenchers, excavators, and diagonal drills as needed.
  • We have a staff in Toronto and two wireline crews based out of Vancouver. To meet the demands of your project, we will scale our wireline personnel as necessary.