In 2019, UITECH made a change to better serve the expanding need for alternative energy solutions in the telecom industry. For three reasons, telecommunications providers needed off-grid power-generation solutions. In areas where supply of a conventional solution from the local power utility was cost-prohibitive, electrical infrastructure was first required. Second, the telecommunications firms understood that using alternative energy sources may help to offset the price of electricity and significantly cut operational costs. Third, this was in line with business policies that promoted green energy and reduced carbon emissions from some traditional power producing methods.

Promoting a green economy is one of the core values of UITECH. Now, a sizeable amount of UITECH’s business is dedicated to the installation of infrastructure for green energy and EV charging. Our most recent successes, which include three infrastructure projects with a combined value of over $10 million that were finished in 2023, make us proud. These installations, which include solar PV and wind turbines, are situated in rural communities in Ontario.

The company offers a full turnkey project fulfilment solution for net-zero and renewable energy construction projects. This covers structural evaluation of existing structures as well as complete conceptual design and engineering of new net-zero structures. In addition to acquiring municipal permits, Electrical Safety Authority clearances, and utility Impact Assessments, UITECH is knowledgeable about the entire regulatory landscape pertaining to renewable energy projects. One of UITECH’s main areas of expertise is the complete structural construction, installation, AC/DC electrical implementation, net-metering, SCADA set-up, and commissioning of solar power plants.