MW (MICROWAVE New Hop Deployment & Upgrades)

Activities Involved

  • Surveying the site to evaluate its condition
  • To comprehend the SoW, go over the Work Orders
  • Prior to beginning the task, contact the appropriate stakeholders
  • If there are any IWO or CWO deviations, let the customer know
  • Steel and material delivery to the sites in accordance with the WO.
  • MW hop implementation
  • Checking the hop (using Sweep, OTDR, and RFC2544) and testing it
  • MW turned off
  • Removal and logistics in reverse for returning the disassembled objects to the warehouse
  • Package submission for closeout

Different MW Deployment Scenarios

  • Implementation of the (4+0), (8+0), and (4+4) MW hops with carrier aggregation.
  • E band multiband booster for high throughput.
  • Installation of multiband antennas typically occurs at new rollout sites.

Crew details

  • Four internal teams are solely responsible for MW work.
  • A foreman, riggers, and a technician make up each crew.
  • Follow all safety and health regulations.
  • Well-suited to the task at hand and any field problems.
  • Our strengths are engineering graduates who can correctly read and comprehend the designs.